Good news: grants!

Julie Perini received two grants in the past few months in support of The Gentleman Bank Robber: The Life Story of rita bo brown.  Thank you, Portland State University for a Faculty Enhancement Award and thank you, Oregon Arts Commission for a Career Opportunity Grant. These funds will enhance the film a great deal: now we can commission an original soundtrack for the film, conduct archival research, shoot re-creations, and fund Julie’s travel to the Djerassi Artist’s Residency in Woodside, California this coming fall where she’ll work on the project. Such great news!

Winter 2014

Good news! Lydia, Erin and Julie Have Been busy making a rough edit of the movie This Winter, and info we have exciting plans to interview the George Jackson Brigade as a team in May! Stay tuned.

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Documentary Video Production Interns

The Gentleman Bank Robber: The Life Story of rita bo brown seeks interns to assist with the following tasks: archival research, logging footage, and other administrative and technical tasks as needed. Schedule is flexible: 2 – 4 hour shifts occurring 1 to 3 days a week in May and June. Two month commitment. At present the internship is unpaid, but may be paid in the future if more funding becomes available.  College credit through Portland State University or a student’s university can be arranged. 

Send a brief note outlining your interest and experience to: 

The Gentleman Bank Robber is a feature-length documentary that tells the life story of bo brown, a white working-class Butch growing up in rural Oregon who was a member of The George Jackson Brigade, an underground, militant group active in the Pacific Northwest in the 1970s.  The George Jackson Brigade was responsible for numerous bank robberies and bombings of government buildings, electric power facilities, Safeway stores and companies accused of racism.  

For more information:

Bo’s haircut at Slick and Dapper Barber in Oakland.

Here we are in sunny Oakland, California, with bo brown enjoying a delicious breakfast at Buttercup Grill. Things are off to a great start - today we did some interviewing with bo and we made plans to shoot some more quality stuff tomorrow including a trip to the barber and to Golden Gate Park!

- Julie & Erin

Preproduction for Round 2 of The Gentleman Bank Robber


Lots to do before we head to the Bay Area tomorrow to continue production on The Gentleman Bank Robber: The Life Story of rita bo brown

Summer 2013 Updates

Summer 2013 Gentleman Bank Robber Updates

Oakland!  We have another trip to Oakland planned for early September 2013, to spend more time with bo brown in her community, documenting her life and interviewing her about her life story.

Southern Oregon! On the drive down to California from Portland, Julie plans to stop in bo’s hometown of Klamath Falls and get some documentation of the birthplace of bo.

Seattle! We are also in the process of scheduling a trip to Seattle to talk with other members of the George Jackson Brigade.

Editing!  We’ve been hard at work sequencing the film by reviewing the material we have, discussing what questions need answering, and imagining new ways to represent some of the complex historical, social, political, and personal struggles that bo’s life story brings together.  We’ll hunker down this fall and piece it together.

Julie, Lydia, Erin

Grant Proposals, Still Logging

We are cooking along here this winter, trying to fundraise to support summer 2013 travel to shoot more and interview more for the documentary.  We have two grant proposals out, so we’ll see what they yield.  And we are still logging footage from our Oakland shoot last summer.  Lots of great material is emerging!

Erin is in school, Lydia is building her practice, and Julie is focused on another media project about police brutality in Portland, so everyone is a bit busy.  But expect big developments on The Gentleman Bank Robber movie come summer!

The Gentleman Bank Robber UNCUT event

Lydia made this awesome program for the event!

Last week’s event at the Red & Black Cafe in was awesome! We raised money, shared some uncut footage from our first shoot in Oakland this past summer, and had great conversation with a few dozen people.  It is so encouraging and exciting to see a community building around this documentary.  Thank you, Red & Black, thank you interns, thank you interviewees, and thank you community!

Gentleman Bank Robber UNCUT Footage Viewing Party & Benefit

Thursday, December 13, 2012
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Red & Black Cafe
400 SE 12th Ave., Portland, OR 

The Gentleman Bank Robber is a to-be-completed documentary chronicling the life and times of rita “Bo” brown. This December 13th you will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to view footage that will not be included in the final product. Join us for a night of behind-the-scenes interviews, uncut footage and a Q&A session with the producers.